VIVESCENCE® Do you feel as though your chronological age belies how you feel; do you want to look as young as you feel; are you fed up with compromising and just want to look spectacular?

Given the recent groundbreaking advances in the field of cosmetology, we now have more control over the effects of time – so why deny ourselves?
Behind VIVESCENCE® is a team of cosmetology experts from a wide variety of backgrounds (researchers, chemists, engineers) who have come together in an effort to shed some light on the following question: “Why is it that the anti-aging treatments already on the market haven’t capitalized on the latest technological breakthroughs by integrating the most recent advances into their products?” From that query was born
VIVESCENCE®, the fruit of an extensive collaboration between an international group of experts brought together by the same desire: to provide the very best anti-aging technology by combining the most effective active ingredients in the world and the latest breakthroughs in the field of neurocosmetics.


The synergy generated by integrating several approaches is the quickest and most surefire way to obtain results that are both spectacular and long-lasting. By combining several VIVESCENCE® technologies, we can deliver effective scientific treatments that also have outstanding cumulative effects. The various elements all work together, generating tremendous results that far exceed individual treatments.
By combining these state-of-the-art ingredients (latest generation of peptides) with highly effective cellular messengers (operate as a youth seeking GPS to deliver ingredients precisely where the skin needs it the most) and the latest breakthroughs (light therapy, thermal energy, impulse micro-currents and transdermal infusion), it is plain to see that VIVESCENCE® has positioned itself as a leader in the field of crossover technology, which explains the outstanding results it has known with VIVESCENCE®


After having dedicated three years of research into formulating a new generation of anti-aging products, VIVESCENCE® was able to perfect and fine tune the Synchronized Liftometry program. This unprecedented technological breakthrough is a mean to exponentially accelerate restructuring functions.

The Synchronized Liftometry program works like a youth-seeking GPS:
Its exclusive cellular vector-based complexes hone in on and target the sources responsible for skin aging by reprogramming the cells’ rejuvenation functions. Its unique collagen combination process triggers the restructuring of youthful mechanisms found at the centre of the cells. Its highly effective and precise action is unmatched as a result of the use of neurocosmetics, the key to youthful skin. It is used in combination with various forms of energy thanks to VIVESCENCE®’s Lifto Metric device and the complementarity of the different beauty care lines which help restore cellular energy.
The quadruple action of the Synchronized Liftometry program is sure to serve as an: anti-fatigue / anti-wrinkle / anti-gravity / anti-degradation You will notice a marked improvement on all four fronts.
Synchronized Liftometry: Triggers the command to produce superior collagen – types I, III, IV and VII Promotes and optimizes cellular communication Causes a change in behavior by triggering new youthful reflexes Densifies the vertical strength of the matrix and tightens the network of fibers through its anti-gravity action Rebuilds the tone and bounce of fibers Reprograms delinquent and/or deficient mechanisms Accelerates the speed of cellular communication.
The vocation of the VIVESCENCE® team is to remain abreast of even the smallest advances in the field of neurocosmetics in order to continue to provide you with the most innovative and revolutionary anti-aging advancements. VIVESCENCE® is committed to providing you with products that are derived from its continuous and unrivaled Research and Development efforts so that you may regain and maintain more youthful looking skin.