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About Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine started as a school project and with hard work and support from family and friends Amy’s dream of owning a spa came to life in 2007.

Amy’s main goal was to provide her clients with quality service and products for an affordable price in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

To Amy her clients are more than clients, most have become friends. “Loving what I do and truly enjoying my clients makes going to work a joy and not a job.”

Cloud Nine continues to be a place where people come to unwind from their everyday stresses. A place where you can find comfort in knowing you will be pampered by professional and friendly aestheticians.

health + safety

At Cloud Nine Spa we adhere to the most stringent hygiene standards + practices, going well above and beyond government regulations. We are very serious about it. Cleanliness is a major concern in our industry. We think it’s imperative that our high standards are in place for the health and safety of our clients and employees. We have been in business for over 10 years with perfect health inspections.

  • We use stainless steel sinks and instruments.
  • Pedicure sinks and tools are scrubbed and soaked with medical grade disinfectant after each use.
  • We don’t perform services on anyone who has fungus, warts, herpes or any other communicable disease. it’s against the health and safety regulations that all spas are supposed to follow. Some places turn a blind eye to this rule and provide the service anyway – which is probably how these things spread.
  • We never double dip wax sticks. Double dipping is one of the most dangerous waxing practices – and unfortunately, it happens at lots of spas.
  • We do not re-use anything that cannot be disinfected. at CLOUD NINE SPA our nail files, foot files, and buffers are only used once. new client, new files.
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